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Welcome to Blue Mountain Counseling and Psychotherapy

Mountains are a representation of strength and power, containing unknown terrains, undiscovered paths, and a vastness so great that parts go untouched. The complexities of which mountains exist upon are millions of years in the making. Peace, inquiry, and awe can all be considered when taking in views of such beauty. Nature and mountains in particular, have always been a place of quiet reconciliation and peace for me. When life felt uneven, solid ground could not be found, or pain was overwhelming, to the mountains I would go and still do. Hence, the name Blue Mountain.

Through my own experiences with therapy, teaching elementary school, obtaining my Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and experiences offered through my internship, I have never felt so confident in therapy and the therapeutic process.

Through a strong therapeutic relationship where no judgement exists, and with a foundation of empathy, trust, compassion, and unconditional positive regard, I hope to provide clients with the tools he, she, or they need to move forward, overcome trauma, or other mental health challenges that may be prohibiting him or her from experiencing each moment in life.

Blue Mountain Counseling and Psychotherapy

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.

Mahatma Gandhi

I have a B.A. in Elementary Education and a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling thus I will be offering virtual sessions on a safe and secure platform to children, teens, and young adults who are suffering from trauma, depression, anxiety, PTSD, eating disorders, etc. I am working under a candidacy licensure which means I meet all the requirements to practice but work under supervision while I complete my 3,000 hours to sit for the licensure exam. As a licensed candidate, I will not be taking insurance at this time and my rate is $40 per 55 minute session. I currently work at Charlie Health where I have worked with adolescents and young adults facilitating individual, family, and group sessions. I have a gained a wealth of knowledge and experience through this position and hope to apply it in my private practice.

I am trained in EMDR through the Maiberger Institute and can work with clients using EMDR as a therapeutic modality.

Therapeutic Approach

Mindfulness meditation will be incorporated into therapy sessions as mindfulness leads to being fully connected with the mind and body thus creating awareness and the ability to work through challenges instead avoiding them. No one is exempt from suffering, it’s part of the human condition, the goal is to observe and be present through each moment in life, the trauma, the suffering, and the happiness and joy. Mindfulness mediation will also be intertwined with an eclectic approach which will meet the needs of each individual client such as cognitive behavioral therapy, person-centered, affirmative therapy etc. No person is alike, we all struggle with various issues thus therapy sessions will be tailored to meet each client’s needs. A free 30 minute consultation will be provided to ensure a positive working relationship between client and therapist. The therapeutic relationship is unequivocally the most important and valuable component of therapy. I am also completing training in EMDR and can use this therapeutic approach in current sessions as necessary.


Please contact me for a free 30 minute consultation or with any questions you may have, my contact information is provided below.

Blue Mountain Counseling and Psychotherapy

Offering mental health counseling services, anywhere in Montana.

Raenelle Richardson Therapist and Owner of Blue Mountain Counseling and Psychotherapy

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